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No Custom Cake Bookings Available

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Currently, due to a high volume of requests, we are booking 10-14 days ahead for SIGNATURE cakes(non-customizable) so the sooner you put your order in the more likely your booking date will be available.

Signature Cakes

Our Signature Cakes are decorated based on their flavour. Signature Decor is approximate, cannot be customized and may differ slightly with each pastry chef. Inscriptions can be sent via email after the order is confirmed but please keep in mind there is a maximum of three words and this is written in brown chocolate only.

You cannot customize these cakes, so please do not add any requests to ORDER DETAILS at check out.

If you require something sooner, many items are available in our bakery case, first come, first serve and based on available flavours.

We are no longer accepting custom cake requests but will have a few specialty options added to our online ordering in the next few weeks!

Please note our policy at check out. In-store credit only ,there will be no refunds on any online orders. Delivery is an available option Tuesday-Saturday, EXCEPT for holidays. Inscription Plaques are included with the Signature Cakes and a a 3 word inscription can be sent after you have received your email confirmation.

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