Tasting Note 


Vibrant pink colour with fine bubbles.  Aromas of strawberry, sweet pink grapefruit, ripe peach & orange zest.  Fruity with flavours of wild strawberries and ripe peaches, soft bubbles finishing sweet-tartish.

Methode Traditionelle sparkling wine.                                                                        Grapes: Gamay, Cabernet, Airen et Côt.                                                                      Serve between 6° and 8°C.           


The Art of Cake pairing suggestions - High Tea, chicken curry sandwich, turkey sandwich, scones, charcuterie plate, crullers, and cream puffs.

Sommelier Sasha

Varichon & Clerc Privilège Dry Rosé.

  • Varichon & Clerc Privilège Dry Rosé.  LIMITED availability.

    About Varich & Clerc
    Varichon & Clerc was founded in 1901 in the town of Seyssel, in the eastern alpine region of Savoie or Savoy (pronounced "sav-wah"). Located about an hour’s drive southwest of Lake Geneva, close to the border of Switzerland and not too far from the Italian border, the mountain climate is tempered by Lake Geneva and Lake Bourget.
    The emblem on the bottle is a testament to Varichon & Clerc’s alpine heritage, includes:
     The Mountains: Freshness symbolized by Mont Blanc.
     The Edelweiss flower: Signifying purity and rarity.
     The Chamois: Representing balance and elegance.
    Where the bubbles come from
    Most sparkling wines experience two fermentations, one to create the base wine and the second to make the bubbles. The 2nd fermentation in the Traditional Method occurs in the bottle, creating bubbles by trapping the CO2 in the wine. Each bottle of Varichon & Clerc Privilège Rosé has then aged for 9m months “sur lattes”, before being disgorged and finished with a dry dosage.
    *The Traditional method, also known as Champagne Method, Classic Method, Méthode Traditionnelle,
    Méthode Champenoise, and Méthode Classique.

    Serve well chilled - 7 C