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A Love Match - Elephant Island Framboise and The Art of Cake Brownies

Individually delicious, together they are a flavourful powerhouse of magical synergy. Together they complement and balance each other, each bring something unique to the pairing without trying to out do the other. Both are sweet, character driven, complex and rich. Elephant Island Framboise has delightful raspberry tartness that cuts through the rich decadent brownie bringing to the pairing a fresh brightness. They bring out the best in each other.

Elephant Island Framboise – 100% Raspberries, Fortified Wine, from the Naramata Bench, Okanagan BC.

Love the luscious, sweet taste of fresh raspberries? Elephant Island Framboise is the fortified version, it smells like a bucket of fresh-picked raspberries on a summer day, raspberry & citrus notes with hints of cocoa bean and apple mint.  In the mouth, it is beautiful, wonderful fresh raspberries, lemon, and cocoa earthiness.  Sweet and rich, fresh, and tart, summer raspberries in a bottle.

A favourite of Gloria’s, next time you see her, ask about her visit to the winery.

About Elephant Island - Miranda and Del Halladay founded Elephant Island Winery in 1999 in partnership with Miranda’s Grandmother, Catherine Chard Wisnicki who’s unconventional wisdom is at the heart of all things Elephant Island. Miranda and Del have since had four kids, added a couple of farms, and spent the years experimenting with fermentation making fruit wines, conventional wine, and cider. They craft wines of character, wines that sing with the unconventional voice of vanguard fruit, and wines that are balanced by a reverence for traditional winemaking practices. Their wines are rooted in and inspired by family tradition.

Sasha McCauley

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