The below information is applicable to all orders.


We are fully booked through October. 



Please download our questionnaire, answer all the queries, and email it to so that we can understand your nuptial needs.

In this email, please also include a date that you would be open to purchasing a Wedding Cake Taster Pack. 

We provide quotes within the calendar year. This is due to the pricing changing in the first month of the year as we evaluated ingredient price increases as well as other factors. 

If your wedding is for 2023, please send your questionnaire in January 2023. 


To maintain artisan integrity, we limit the number of bookings we take on each week.

Bookings are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Bookings for weddings are accepted within the calendar year.


All wedding cakes are priced on an individual basis.

The size/number of servings determines the base price of your cake. An additional charge is applied for artistic detail.



A $100.00 non-refundable Initial Payment will be required for your booking. 



In the event that you need to cancel your order, we require a minimum of 30 days' notice.

Failure to provide notice will result in payment in full of the contract. 

Check out this great video where Gloria discusses Wedding Cake goodness with Bridal Fantasy! 


The Wedding Cake Taster Pack will consist of 6 mini cupcakes in our Wedding Cake flavours.

Most of these can also be found amongst our 12 Pack Assorted Mini Cupcake packs which are usually available in the shop on a walk in basis.

If you're considering cupcakes, it's best to purchase one of these as well. 

Download our Wedding Cake Catalogue to view some of our favourite cake options, finishes and view some of our work. 

Most wedding bookings are not accepted during the month of December due to our high volume of Christmas orders.