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Perfect Picnic Parks Near The Art of Cake!

By The Art of Cake's Linh Lu

Here’s a list of my fave parks to walk/sit around in! They are within a 2-5 min walk of the cafe with links, descriptions and I share a bit of flair with my fave parts.

Off Leash Dog Parks!

Brought your pup? These two off leash dog parks will let your dog run around while you enjoy our tasty coffees!

121A St (from 108 Ave to 118 Ave)

This off leash area is best for ball throwing and active use (walking, running, biking).

This off-leash area is not enclosed and the city offers snow removal on shared pathway.

East side of 121 A St. from 108 Ave. to 119 Ave. excluding playgrounds at 109 A Ave. and 112 Avenue.

Prince Rupert Park

This off leash area is best for ball throwing and active use (walking, running, biking).

This off-leash area is not enclosed and the city offers snow removal on shared pathway.

East boulevard from 108 to 111 Ave. (excluding playground) and 112 to 114 Ave.


Walking Paths with Seating

Edmonton Cemetery

Linh says: It’s a spacious, tree-filled space with plenty of walking paths and benches to sit and enjoy a bite to eat.

Once the edge of the city’s limits, now bisected by a busy thoroughfare, this cemetery contains the city’s oldest and most architecturally diverse monuments.

Graves in the Edmonton Cemetery are oriented east and west, while graves in the Catholic Cemetery are oriented north and south.

Many of Edmonton’s original settlers and founders are buried here and you may recognize their names as Edmonton schools, neighbourhoods, and roadways. Within this cemetery is the Military Field of Honour, established in 1922. Marker stones are laid out with no distinctions between rank or file of the veterans. A mausoleum was completed in the fall of 1930 – where Emily Murphy of the Famous Five is buried.

(fun fact, Emily Murphy was a Canadian women's rights activist, jurist, and author. She is best known for her contributions to Canadian feminism, specifically to the question of whether women were "persons" under Canadian law.)

Peace Garden Park

A secret fave! This tiny little garden paradise has benches along the community garden plots and a few in the centre of the circular plots.

Oliver currently has one community garden named Peace Garden Park located at 10259-120 Street. It provides an opportunity for residents to enjoy the health, social, economic and environmental benefits of local, organic gardening. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc. are used at the community garden.

The name Peace Garden Park was chosen because 103 avenue was formerly known as Peace Avenue. ‘Garden Park’ reflects the unique dual purpose of this space as both a community garden (maintained by the garden members on behalf of Oliver Community League) and public park space (maintained by the City of Edmonton Parks department).

Paul Kane Park

SO! MUCH! WATER! The meandering pathways are a relaxing treat to running water, the occasional duck, and plenty of geese! Plenty of benches, hills, and picnic tables on the south side to have a lovely little gathering with pals!

Mature trees encircle the pond with wetland plants along the water's edge, creating a naturalized bank. Various wooden decks accompanied by benches create spots for rest, reflection or a chat. A water feature on the southend of the park flows to the pond, creating sound and a chance to engage with the water.

Oliver Park

Features a playground for tots, big open green space for a lovely, sunny picnic.

A park with many activities to try. Enjoy the playground, natural green spaces, the indoor Oliver Arena and community hall all year-round, or the Oliver Outdoor Pool in the hotter months.

Many thanks to Linh for taking the time to put this together for us and our patrons!

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